To begin this journey

If you are unfamiliar with how a child comes to be extremely dissociated, please read the Forbidden Topic blog beginning with the first post. Go at your own pace. You will grasp the concept in about ten entries, faster than reading several books. If you skip a post, you may miss one of the building blocks of total understanding.

When it makes sense to you that a child constantly exposed to sexual trauma may (and hopefully will) dissociate, you are as ready as you may ever be to absorb the ramifications of the messages included on this page.

The world of pedophilia is ugly. If we don't see the larger societal picture, this reviled segment will continue to flourish.

Please read "Pedophiles Know Dissociation


Where are the financial heroes for the war on pedophilia & trafficking?

It appears that human trafficking is the term many are relating to lately. Human trafficking is another name for "pimping" kids out over and over again. It can mean use of children in pornography which is then trafficked via the internet and other less technological ways. If the child's world begins as birth into the hands of a predator father or part of the greater underworld where births never reach the world of official records, dissociation is induced by tried and true methods by the time the child reaches six or sometimes up to age 9.

These are the children who become adult prostitutes, porn makers, recruiters for other victims, while still being constant prey to sexual abuse by predators/handlers. When the adult's mind begins to erode the walls of amnesia, those who are able, go into treatment. The opposite of dissociation is awareness. I know from my personal history and the history of at least two other survivors of this world that as many as five or more perps may be constantly impeding the route to therapy and the client leaves therapy knowing the same people are there to follow, harrass, threaten, and remind of the code of silence. Such harrassment can happen at any time and the awareness in healing can quickly become paranoia as planned by the perps.

My therapist once said it seemed like a lot of resources for a single survivor. That is true. But they have the funds of a billion dollar industry. Over the dissociative lifetime of the victim (typically 30-50) years, millions of dollars has likely been spent training and developing the "asset" to perform deeds on command. It is cheaper to frighten someone back into submission than to allow them to heal. This harrassment is terrifying but rarely leads to prosecutable harm. They know exactly where to draw the line...and exactly how to do it so the survivor will never be believed if they try to report it.

Culpability by those predators within the helping professions complicates this issue exponentially. Most often, it likely leads to survivors giving up on finding help outside themselves and their therapists.

Lately I've been quite vocal about the lack of resources to help dissociated victims...the grown up children trying to be saved now. Thirty to forty years of victims who now need or will soon need a qualified therapist who can treat dissociation will find there is a vast shortage of such therapists. Yet that same money made off the backs of infants to adults, has made the field of therapy unattractive to those wanting to work with dissociation. The perps have the money to target and sue any therapist involved in lawsuits made by the victim.

I don't have the statistics for how many survivors seek litigation toward their abusers, but I believe the majority are just interested in healing. With all the current focus on rescuing the children now trapped in that world, a substantive number are going to be dissociative when/if freed. How are they to get the proper help if the resources don't exist?

Somehow the good guys need to have the financial backing of one or more highly influential people with the resources to get recovered children proper help and to treat those coming out of their amnesia to a lifetime of memories in this underground of trafficking that goes hand in hand with pedophilia. Who will our Superman or Superwoman be?