To begin this journey

If you are unfamiliar with how a child comes to be extremely dissociated, please read the Forbidden Topic blog beginning with the first post. Go at your own pace. You will grasp the concept in about ten entries, faster than reading several books. If you skip a post, you may miss one of the building blocks of total understanding.

When it makes sense to you that a child constantly exposed to sexual trauma may (and hopefully will) dissociate, you are as ready as you may ever be to absorb the ramifications of the messages included on this page.

The world of pedophilia is ugly. If we don't see the larger societal picture, this reviled segment will continue to flourish.

Please read "Pedophiles Know Dissociation


The biggest deception of all time

Any survivor recovering from years of memories wrapped in amnesia who recalls abuse by a group in robes or any reference to demons is immediately dismissed by society. Law enforcement in many areas dismisses reports of such activity. But if the abusers were known simply as "organized pedophilia", would the world be looking the other way?

Given the information in the article below, "Pedophiles Know Dissociation", would it not make a huge difference if we all just cut to the chase of organized pedophilia? Organized groups of pedophiles worldwide know that if they create the external scenario of black robes, and rituals and all things connected to the devil, a child will retain that as the memory. It is a genuine memory but one that has been intentionally created to be unbelieved. And this by people who claim therapists "implant" false memories of such abuse. How ironic is that?Pedophiles also are able to use a cult setting to "justify" horrific abuse to ensure the ongoing dissociation of children into adolescence and adulthood. If you read the story Using God to Abuse at Believe the Children, you can see how a child might be set up to distrust God. If Tyler (the little boy in referenced story) had not been saved from that environment, likely he was being primed to believe the lies about another entity controlling his life. I can't tell you how this damages the child's psyche.

If everyone would get past the labels and simply redefine for the sake of all of our children:

satanic cult = organized sophisticated pedophile ring/network

ritual abuse = organized sophisticated pedophile ring/network

(name a religion or organization named by a child during her abuse) = organized sophisticated pedophile ring/network

(name the most bizarre setting you can imagine described by a child during abuse) = organized sophisticated pedophile ring/network

(name a fictional or nonfictional person or character whom a child names as a perp) = pedophile at the very least using costume and/or mask

Let me clarify that certainly not all members of any organization or religion are pedophiles. But there are pedophiles in each "community" who find each other and subject children to similar unbelievable environments and trauma. There is little variation in the memories of children who have survived abuse at the hands of these pedophiles worldwide. How can anyone ignore that evidence? Even artwork by survivors globally has similar elements in the portrayal of abuse.

As long as everyone looks the other way when a child or adult survivor begins to speak of the horrors of cult abuse, the pedophiles have free reign. They have created the ultimate environment in which to abuse and the media and well-funded propaganda have successfully convinced society that the children are all lying.

Add to that knowledge, with a special thanks to Dateline, that pedophiles exist in all elements of life--schools, daycare, police departments, the judicial system, clergy, and even in the agencies whose purpose is to protect the children. It's a very scary and overwhelming scenario. I would hope that good parents take this to the legislators and insist on re-educating about dissociation and getting community agencies on board with a program to attack their own pedophile rings.

Cult = pedophile network. Would someone please hear the truth.